M10 grade 8.8 Nuts and Bolts and Penny Washer Assortment Box Kit Set Spring Wash

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M10 Fastener assortment of bright zinc plated nuts, bolts, Thick, spring and penny washers in a high quality, Strong, Uk manufactured WHAM Assortment Box

Contents list

25 M10x20 Fully Threaded Bolts

20 M10x30

Fully Threaded Bolts

20 M10x40 Part Threaded Bolts

20 M10x40

Fully Threaded Bolts

20 M10x50 Part Threaded Bolts

100 M10 Form A Washers

100 M10 Spring Washers

50 M10x30 Penny Washers

40 M10 Nyloc

60 M10 Hex Nuts

1 Assortment box

Total Pieces- 456

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