The foundation of our business is our core values, which distinguish us and guide our enterprise. For our customers, we are more than just another online retailer. We are a provider of inspiration and a trendsetter in the world of DIY, Home, and Industrial Supplies.

One of our most important core values is our commitment to conduct all business operations in a socially responsible and ethical way. We respect the law in all jurisdictions we trade in, support universal human rights, protect the environment, and lead the way toward a greener, more sustainable future whilst contributing to our local communities.

Here in our sustainability and ethical centre you can find out more on some of the current initiatives and future plans we have to create a happier, healthier and more sustainable future for everyone—now and for generations to come.



We made a commitment that all new cars acquired by the company for our colleagues would be 100% fully electric vehicles, from 2020 onwards!

Unfortunately, there has not been any electric vans suitable for our requirements to date and therefore all company vans are still powered by traditional means however all new vans acquired since 2021 have been AdBlue compatible to help reduce the levels of NOx emissions.

All company forklifts and material handing trucks acquired since 2020 are fully electric.

We are continuing reviewing our company vehicles and it is our goal by 2026 to have a full fleet powered by zero emission electric vehicle technology.



Our aim is to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment. We do this by where possible by using alternatives to plastic material which are created to be fully compostable. For example, we are making the switch to new polly mailers which are made from sugar cane.

We strive to offer packaging that is sustainable as possible, whilst retaining the important elements of being protective and aesthetically pleasing this means where possible we reuse packaging materials from our suppliers (if they are clean and suitable)

All packaging, including boxes will be made from unlaminated card so that it is widely recyclable.


Head Office Initiatives

We recycle paper, metal, plastic and cardboard waste from our Head Office and Warehouses.

We encourage our team to reduce their use of single-use materials by providing glassware, crockery and cutlery to use throughout the work day.

We also have kitchen areas so that they can prepare and heat food if they wish to enjoy a hot meal without having to order takeaway foods which often come in containers that are tricky to recycle.

We are always encouraging our people to think of the three Rs: to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Our Ethics and Values
Our People

All employment taken up within our group is freely chosen and we ensure that there is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. We ensure that all team members are provided with at least the minimum wage and fair working hours, only staff who opt in work more than 48 hours per week. We provide a safe and clean working environment for our colleagues. All team members are treated as individuals, with respect and recognition for their important part and contribution to our brand.

We ensure that a COVID secure workplace is always maintained and we have always exceed all the governments covid secure guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Creating a good working atmosphere for our team is very important. By promoting positivity wherever we can, such as our weekly and daily quotes which can be found throughout our premises.


“Build a team so strong, you don’t know who the boss is”
No to discrimination

We do not tolerate discrimination towards recruitment, compensation, promotions, etc based on factors including but not limited to race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, gender, age and disability.

We also take responsibility in ensuring none of our people are subject to any form of sexual, physical, psychological or other any other type of harassment, physical or verbal abuse, or any other forms of intimidation.


“In our house we are all equal”
Our supply chain

We believe in developing long term relationships with trusted suppliers that are committed to the highest ethical standards.

We source each and each product responsibly and with care from suppliers that comply with our core values. We regularly monitor our suppliers to ensure they all meet the standards set within the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.


“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”


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