Granville Heavy Duty Rust Cure Converter Metal 1L - MOD APPROVED - VC161

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Granville Rust Converter is a co-polymer latex combined with

organic chelating agents designed for application to corroded

ferrous substrates. Rust Converter actively converts the rust

present on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex.

As the polymer dries it forms an impermeable barrier to

oxygen and moisture effectively sealing out any further

corrosion. Rust Converter has an extremely low order of

toxicity and does not contain phosphoric acid or lead. Rust

Converter exhibits excellent resistance to acid and alkali

splashes. Contact with aliphatic or aromatic solvents will

cause softening of the film which will recover.


Product Benefits

-Low VOC
-Water based formulation
-Extremely low order of toxicity
-Does not contain phosphoric acid or lead
-Excellent resistance to acid and alkali splashes

Product Usage

Granville Rust Converter has been successfully used on the

following applications:- automotive shells and chassis, ships

ballast tanks, steel bridges, brine tanks, harbour installations,

lamp posts, oil rigs, railings, sewage treatment works, storage

tanks, structural girders and railway vehicles.


Directions for Use

Wire brush the substrate to remove loose flaking paint and rust. Remove any high surface peaks by abrading then

wash the substrate with detergent to remove oil and grease. Surfaces should then be cleaned using high pressure

water wash to remove the detergent and any corrosion salts. Do not remove all traces of rust as the presence of rust

is necessary for a complete chemical reaction of Rust Converter.

It is recommended to carry out an initial test area at all times. This test should take place in the working conditions of

application. The topcoat system should also be tested for compatibility.

Stir product thoroughly before use and decant sufficient material for the operation into a suitable non-metallic

container. To avoid contamination do not pour any unused material back into the original bulk container.

Apply a minimum of two coats by brush, spray or roller to a wet film thickness of 60-90um per coat (20 - 30um DFT).

Brush: Application by brush is preferred for the first coat to ensure full penetration when the substrate is heavily rusted.

Roller: Use a short nap roller and apply the coating evenly - edges may need to be stripe coated by brush to ensure

the substrate is completely coated.

Spray: The coating may be applied by air assisted or airless spray techniques with typical gun settings as follows:

Airless Spray Air assisted (syphon or pressure fed)

100 - 130Kg/cm2 tip pressure 3.5 - 4Kg/cm2 air pressure

250 - 400 um tip 250- 400 um tip

40 - 60 degrees fan 40 - 60 degrees fan

Atmospheric Conditions:

External: An air temperature of 5 - 30oC is preferred. Avoid applying if relative humidity is greater than 80% or when

there is a risk of rain or condensation during the drying period.

Internal: Ensure air movement is available to remove excess moisture during the drying process.

Immerse brushes, rollers or spray tips in clean water during work breaks to prevent drying. Use water to clean

equipment before product dries. To remove dried dried coating use lacquer thinner or aromatic solvent.

Thinning: If required, use a little de-mineralised water, but no more than 10%.

If applying a primer, use a white spirit based product and apply a small area first to check compatibility.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry area between 5°C and 20°C out of direct sunlight and protect from frost.

Shelf Life

6 months from date of manufacture but can extend to 12 months if kept in unopened containers and not stored in

temperatures below 5°C and not above 20°C

Specification Information

Touch dry: 15 - 30 minutes

Coverage @ 75um WFT: 10 - 12m2 per litre

Water vapour permeability 25um DFT @ 38°C 90% RH

Appearance : Milky off white solution

Odour : Characteristic


Specific Gravity : 1.2

Solubility : Soluble in water when un-cured

Flashpoint : 58°C


Safety Information:



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