Grade 8.8 Assorted Box kit M10 Nuts And Bolts Setscrews Bright Zinc 150 Pieces

Finish: Bright Zinc
Grade: 8.8
Sale price£28.74 GBP


A very useful M10 nuts and bolts assortment. This assortment is a very handy addition to many garages, workshops, buildings sites and farms and would be handy for many people in the engineering or mechanical trade.

This kit is useful for nearly all trades or even just for DIY.

The Full Contents are:

Qty Item
8 M10 x 20 Setscrews
12 M10 x 30 Setscrews
10 M10 x 40 Bolts
8 M10 x 50 Bolts
30 M10 Form A Washers
25 M10 x 30 Penny Washers
22 M10 x 40 Penny Washers
20 M10 Hex Nuts
15 M10 Nyloc Lock Nuts

All Included in a UK Manufactured, WHAM, hard wearing compartment organizer.

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