ForgeFix ForgeFast Elite Anti Split Wood Screws Yellow Boxed Pozi PZ 12-240mm

Size:: 3.0 x 12mm (Box of 200)
Sale price£5.74 GBP


ForgeFast Elite Fast-Start Woodscrews - Box

Anti-split - Fast drive elite performance wood screws

Anti-Friction thread to prevent jacking, rotation and splitting and a serrated cutting thread reduces torque for a faster and firmer fix

- Elementech 400 surface coating provides corrosion resistance.
- Salt spray tested to 400 hours.
- A Non-Cr, Cr3+, yellow/zinc plated surface is environmentally friendly.
- Lasts up to 6 times longer than standard zinc screw protective coating.
- Double cutting point reduces splitting and drive time.
- Capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel.
- Serrated cutting reduces torque for a faster firmer fix.
- Improved pull out provided by a serrated cutting thread.
- Reinforced countersunk neck provides holding power.
- Improved countersinking from 6 angled lobes.
- Anti friction prevents jacking, rotation and splitting.
- Suitable for interior use.


-Firmer Drive
-20% Faster
-Intelligent design
-Corrosion resistant
-environmentally friendly
-Improved Countersinking
-25% Lower Toruqe

Can be screwed directly into hardwood, softwood, MDF, chipboard, fire board, laminates, plastics and PVCu

EN14592: 2008 Certified screws for structural timber products
Material: Hardened Steel

Supplied in boxes

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