Deadfast Victor Kill Vault Easy Set Mouse Trap, Fast Disposable, Re-usable

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Deadfast Kill Vault Mouse Trap

Deadfast Kill Vault Mouse Trap offers a no-see, no-touch experience with a stress-free baiting and setting of the trap. The Kill-Gate™system makes a quick, humane kill and the rodent’s body is contained within the trap. This eliminates the chance of a child or pet finding it. The trap can either be discarded or re-used after use.

  • Kill-Gate™system for a quick and humane kill
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Re-usable
  • Covered for no touch, no see experience

Sizes available

  • Twin Pack

    Why Use

  • The re-usable Kill Vault mouse trap’s Kill-Gate™system quickly and and humanly kills.
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Covered for no touch, no see experience
  • How to Use

  • Bait: Pull out the bait door and apply bait in the trough provided(for example peanut butter/chocolate spread).
  • Set: Hold down the setting button on the top of the trap and pull up the Kill-Gate™ until it clicks in place.
  • Place: Position trap along the wall where mice are known to travel (or where you have seen activity of mice).
  • Disposal: Hold trap at rear over a double bag. Open the disposal door and lift the Kill-Gate™ to release the mouse. Dispose of the bag into a bin with a secure lid.
  • General Advice

  • It is an offence to place the trap in a location which may endanger wild birds or other protected animals
  • Please note for hygiene and bio-hazard awareness, disposable gloves should always be worn when installing or recovering any traps.
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