Cast Iron Esso Man Boy&Girl Lady Plaque Sign Oil Hand Painted Pair Wall Garage

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This pair of cast iron plaques features the Esso Oil Drop characters.

The male Esso Oil Drop character was introduced by the Esso Danish division to help explain the reasons for the oil shortages during WWII.

He was later introduced to the US consumers in 1958.

He subsequently was joined by a female companion and both featured together in many Esso advertising campaigns.

The male character has been known by the nicknames Oil Drop Man, Oil Drop Boy and Andy Slick.

The female character has been known by the nicknames Oil Drop Girl and Abbey Slick.

These impressive profile plaques are carefully hand painted in the classic Esso brand colours of the time.

Ideal for fans of classic motoring and automobilia advertising memorabilia, these plaques look great in an office, garage or workshop.

Pre-drilled holes allow for easy hanging on a wall of your choice.

H: 26 cm
W: 19 cm
D: 0.6 cm
Weight: 1.60kg

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