2 x VIP21B Power Mix 2K Polyurethane universal Repair Adhesive - Black 1 Minute

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VIP 'Power Mix' - 1 Minute 2K Polyurethane Universal Repair Adhesive

1 pack containing 2 x 50ml kits - 2-part syringe cartridges of VIP power Mix 2K polyurethane adhesive.

Black in colour, cures in 1 minute (full cured time 24H).

Unique industrial adhesive suitable for plastic and metal.

Part No. VIP21B

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In many areas of industry 2-component Polyurethane- Systems are among the most used bonding systems. One

of the outstanding advantages of a 2K PUR is the wide range of adjustability of its characteristics. The rapid

development of new ranges of substrates and processes creates always changing demands on the adhesive

mechanisms. Through decades of building up the competence in adhesives-engineering for the classic plastic to

plastic and plastic to metal bonding, as well as plastic repair, VIP developed an “Industrial Standard” through its

2K PowerMix Universal recipes. With potlifes ranging from 30 seconds to 45 minutes and more, all thinkable

bonding operations are actually possible, from manual application to automated processing, from the small

speedy fixation to any large area bonding operation. 2K PowerMix Universal is a system for dynamically

demanding, high strength bonds, which need to retain some flexibility to maintain a high degree of mechanical

strength. With an outstanding application consistency 2K Power Mix is the ideal solution for repairing, gap filling,

sealing and bonding, as it builds a solid plastic material after hardening. In general a 2K-system always stands for

controlled and fast cure and makes bonding independent from surrounding temperature, humidity and bead


Pro-facts at a glance:

Easy clean handling, non dripping, shapeable

Extremely fast controlled cure (from the inside to the outside)

Cures independent of surrounding temperature, humidity or bead thickness

Steadfast bonds, permanently flexible, Non sag

Good weathering and ageing resistance

Reworking like sanding, drilling and threading within 15-30 mins.

Overpaintable after approx. 60 mins.

Free of solvents and other VOC’s

Resists water, oil, petrol, solvents, acids and alkalines

Adjustment of Shore-hardness and work times possible

Good impact resistance


Areas of use:


Automotive & Truck & Transport:

>> Coach building

>> Automotive

>> Caravan

>> Buses

>> Truck & Transport

>> Trains (Coach building)

>> Farming Machinery

>> Special Transport Manufacturing

Effective Repair of damaged plastic parts

(Bumpers, Side Mirrors, Sports Seats,

Spoilers, Headlights and other Lightfittings,

Roof racks, Plastic Covers and Housings,


Repair of holes and cuts (e.g. PUR Form

elements, Radiators, etc.)

Sandwichelements, Box Vans, large Cover

Elements, Covers, Shades, Interior-

Elements, Edge Supports

Bonding of Interior Components

Bonding of wooden floors on steel frames

Exterior Covers

GRP Parts in Front- and Back areas

Sealing of ovelapping panels, profiles, wet

rooms, Skylights, Tailgates

Seam sealing

Bonding of sport seat shells

Bonding of dashboards

Fixations in the doors(e.g. crash pads)

Fixation of body panels

Bonding in of fixations for the individual

adjustment of body panels (black pegs)

Bonding of wood panels onto dashboards

Bonding of interior covers for the hood

Rigid bonding of all types of plastic

Structural & Civil Engineering Signs, Mirrors, Trims, Reinforcements,


Restoration & Renovation,

Roofs, Windows, Panels

Cable shafts

Filling of holes, cuts and seams in metal,

wood, stone, concrete or glass

Bonding of large surfaces

Filling of hollows in walls etc.

Repair of broken out drill holes

High spec assembly bonding


2K Polyurethane Power Mix – Universal 1 minute

Window, Doors , Conservatories, Glass Industry Windowframes, Corner frames

Square angle bonding

Marine & Ship Building Bonding of Interior Elements

Bedding of clamps and fittings

Wind & Solar Energy Repair of small holes and defects on the

rotor blades (Emergency Repair)

Bonding of insertions and additions on the

rotor blades (e.g. Lightning receptors)

Bonding in of cable shafts

Plastic Working Industry Fast fixation of Mountings (Clips, Lugs,


Individual adaptability of plastic parts

Insertion of rubberlips, shafts, rings

Filling of pores

Fast bodyfiller for repair of holes, cuts,

imperfections on PUR moulded elements

Bonding of special models

Design and Prototyping

Metal Working Industry Mountings, Sleeves

Supports, Reinforcements

Wood Working Industry Bonding of Foot-elements on furniture


Bonding of broken of hinges or wood


Plant-, Model- and Machinery Engineering

Structural bonding on various substrates


Various applications & repairs for home,

hobby and garden

Technical properties:

Chemical base 2-K Polyurethanes (PUR)

Product name

Power Mix Universal


Opaque, black

Directions for use:

Before the Application of the Power Mix it is necessary to check the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for info on

precautions and security measures associated with the product. Even on not classified products the usual

precautions for chemical materials should always be adhered to.

Easy application with a hand operated or pneumatic dosage gun. To prevent any irregularities in the dried product

a guaranteed (1:1) mixing ratio (volume) must be achieved at all times. This is only possible using the suitable

static mixers with a minimum of 16 mixing elements as recommended by VIP.

Attach mixing nozzle to your chosen cartridge. Always ensure that both channels of the cartridge are open and not

blocked. Before starting the real application dispose of a small amount (5cm). Now the correct mixing ratio is

guaranteed and the product is ready for use.

Surfaces must always be dry and free of dust, oils or any grease. For cleaning we recommend the VIP Special

Cleaner. In general the use of a chemical (use of a primer) or mechanical preparation (sanding, shot blasting, etc.)

always increases the adhesion on the surface to be bonded.

Depending on the type of plastics please abrade the surface with sandpaper and when repairing cuts please cut

out a “V”-groove. Remove any old paint by sanding it off. Please use a plastic primer on all plastics (except

GRP). Spray on the adhesion promoter (VIP Primer) and let it flash off approx. 5-10 minutes. On thermoplastics

(PVC, PC, PMMA, etc.) you can prime using an Isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Other types of solvents can damage the


Afterwards go directly onto the parts to be bonded. Apply the adhesive immediately either as a thin film (approx.

0.2mm), a bead or a droplet onto the substrate. If required please smoothen the bead with a plastic spatula. The

thickness of your bead should depend on the type of materials to be bonded. Please ensure that you connect the

parts within the potlife of the chosen adhesive and press them together firmly to achieve a good adhesion.

The cure time is dependent on thickness, working temperature and the temperature of your substrates (per 10°C

higher or lower temperature, the cure time can half or double up). Thick beads harden quicker than thin films. The

optimum working temperature is @ 22°C. Materials with a high degree of temperature-lead-through can prolong

the curing process. If the substrate is too cold, a thin (mostly invisible) film of condensed water might build on the

surface, and this can cause adhesion failure. This can be prevented by tempering the surface prior to the bonding


For some repairs the usage of a reinforcement film on the back of holes and cuts can be beneficial. Contouring

films can help with modelling and shaping the adhesive. These foils need to be removed after cure.

Please avoid longer pauses, as the adhesive will cure in the mixing nozzle. Any reworking (e.g. sanding) of the

material is possible after 15-30 minutes. The bonded area can be overpainted after full curing.

For overpaintability of PUR we recommend the use of solvent based 1K or 2K resin systems or waterbased

systems. In most cases those paint systems and coatings are based on polyurethanes and therefore in the same

chemical family as the adhesive.

On all unprepared metals we recommend to clean (degrease) with a solvent based spirit wipe first and afterwards

sand or shot blast the surface first. Remove any rust or other corrosion and fill the damaged areas (VIP liquid

metal, knead metal). If the substrate is too cold, a thin (mostly invisible) film of condensed water might build on the

surface, and this can cause adhesion failure. This can be prevented by tempering the surface prior to the bonding


Caution: The mixing of the two components causes a chemical reaction with a strong exothermal build up of heat.

When mixing larger amounts (approx. 5mm bead thickness) a plainly recognisable rise in temperature in the

material will occur. The reaction temperature will not exceed 90°C. Do not discard the reacting material in plastic

bins and do not hold metal work pieces in your hands while the adhesive is curing


Safety Information:




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